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Many weeks after our courses we contact clients and ask for their feedback and enquire how their swimming is going. Here are just some of the responses we have had from happy clients!



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Some comments from various courses

5 Day Course


"I wanted to provide some feedback in relation to my course.


I did not know what to expect and have to say that the course began differently from the last swimming lessons that I participated in. Joy was my instructor and she actually joined me in the pool, which was unusual, but great.


The pool was a lot smaller that I had envisaged however Joy explained to me that it provides comfort to individuals who can feel daunted by the size of the pool and this impacts on confidence. READ MORE


........By the end of the course, I had swum three lengths from the deep end, which I did not think I would be able to do.


Kind Regards


5 Day Course


I would like to start by saying thank you to Joy for having the confidence in me being able to swim.

Before I came to Miracles, I wouldn't put my face in the water but I am now able to swim thanks to Joy. She was very kind, helpful, positive, catered to my needs, and I would not have done this without her.

I am grateful to the staff at miracles as this is a life changing skill that I have learned and hopefully I can take it further.



5 Day Course


I really enjoyed the course. I have managed to visit the swimming pool once.

Miracles taught me to swim i just need to perfect the techniques.



3 Day Group Course


"Angela and I had a fantastic experience at Miracles. We both came away with loads more confidence in our swimming ability.


We are both lucky in having swimming pools locally and we are off to Spain shortly to a villa with its own pool so we shall be putting our new skills to the test.


Thank you to everyone, especially the ever patient and inspiring Joy, for making our visit so enjoyable and rewarding."


Kind regards


5 Day Course

"I really enjoyed the course and am so glad that i did it. I am quite proud of myself for what I achieved so MASSIVE THANKS to Joy for helping me do something that I never thought would be possible. 


I have only managed to get a a pool twice since the course, one was a quiet session, the other was busier. I started from the basics again and am pleased to say that I can still swim!


I need to work on my breathing so that I can swim for longer distances but i am determined to keep up with it and one day, go snorkeling!"


Thanks again, 



5 Day Course

"My swimming is actually going really well. I've just returned from a 2 week holiday in Florida, fortunately our resort had 6 lovely swimming pools, so I had plenty of opportunity to practise my newly learnt skill. I still feel self conscious though when others are in the water, something I hope in time I'll get used to.


Once I'm in the pool I go through the procedure which I was introduced to and after about 10 minutes I can swim again unaided. I've been attempting the breathing techniques as well, which is helping a lot and increasing my confidence. I've also started an aqua fit class (as suggested to me) at the local gym, which is wonderful, I almost forget I'm surrounded by water.


I'm so thrilled with what I finally achieved in my roller coaster week at miracles and the huge amount of support given to me. 


However my main ambition was realised - I learnt to swim."


Thank you and best wishes



3 Day Course

"I found the whole experience wonderful, due to the instructor Joy.


She is fantastic and gave me the confidence I needed to continue swimming. Still learning, but at least I can now get in the water without panicking."




5 Day Course

"I would like to put on record the fantastic tutoring I had from Joy.


My confidence and expectations are now sky high, whereas I really thought I would be a lost cause. 


Please pass on my thanks once again to Joy."


Best Regards



5 Day Course

"I am doing fine with the swimming but have not done half as much as I intended to do,


I did get a good chance on one holiday earlier this year and used the hotels swimming pools a few times and all went well.


Most recently I used a hydro therapy pool which was 5ft deep to splash and lounge around in for a good couple of hours a day and because of my time at Miracles I had a lot of confidence in the water without that I would not have even gone in at all.


So all in all am very grateful to Miracles and my great instructor Joy for me getting as far as I have."


Kind Regards



5 Day Course


I wanted to provide some feedback in relation to the above.  I am not sure who is best placed to take on board my comments but would ask that you forward this e-mail to the proprietor of Miracles Swim School.


I did not know what to expect and have to say that the course began differently from the last swimming lessons that I participated in.   Joy was my instructor and she actually joined me in the pool, which was unusual, but great.


The pool was a lot smaller than I had envisaged however Joy explained to me that it provides comfort to individuals who can feel daunted by the size of a pool and this impacts upon their confidence.  She noted that there was a deep section within the pool and, depending on how I felt as the course progressed, I would experience going into the deep end and would swim horizontally in the pool to provide added length.  She asked me how I felt (in fact, Joy asked me every day whilst on the course how I felt which was reassuring - she was always concerned as to whether or not I felt anxious or afraid) and asked me to tell her about my previous experiences in the water.  She talked at length about breathing technique and about the body’s natural buoyancy.   She asked me if I was comfortable with breathing and when I said that I was, she encouraged me to breath out under water by the edge of the pool.   I had been told to bring my goggles which really helped with my confidence whilst under water.  


From this confidence-building session, Joy moved on to encouraging me to float by stretching out with my legs together, holding her arms whilst she took me to the other side of the pool.  The next exercise consisted of gliding across the width of the pool with just a kick off the wall.   It did not take long before I was propelling myself across the pool.  Before the end of the first day I was gliding across the pool underwater and unaided - it felt fantastic and I would not have believed it would have been possible at the beginning of the session.  


On the second day of sub-aquatic activity, I came into the pool expecting to be at exactly at the same stage as I was when I left the previous day - I wasn't’t.  It took approximately 15 minutes to get my confidence back, thanks to Joy’s guidance and patience.  I struggled at times with positioning my arms when undertaking front crawl.  On some occasions I would stiffen up and my body felt like lead.   Joy was always able to tell when I was tense and would explain to me about how I needed to relax and enjoy the strokes.  She would demonstrate the strokes - she is so graceful and elegant, she actually made it look like she was dancing in the water.   Once I began to relax and continued to do so, I was able to immediately see an improvement in my strokes and it began to feel like a very natural experience.  


By the end of the course, I had swum a three of lengths from the deep end, which I did not think I would be able to do, particularly as during the session on the fourth day, I had lost my footing when pushing off from the deep end and didn't’t get the momentum I wanted.  However thanks to Joy’s teaching methodology, I did not panic and continued to swim the whole length with one breath.  


Today I went to a local pool which is 16 metres (52 feet) and swam 3 lengths (2 front crawl and one breast stroke - non-stop)!  Having being used to being in the pool by myself at Miracles, it was a bit daunting having 12 people in the pool at the same time, however I just thought of Joy’s words "…. just break down the steps into stages Rose…”.   It took me 20 minutes to get myself orientated with the pool but it worked!!  During front crawl my legs were not particularly well synced at one point, but then I focused and remembered Joy’s words and everything clicked.  


I am sure that with the confidence gained as a result of the course, I will get better with each visit - hopefully I can swim an extra length tomorrow.   I did get the occasional quizzical look from other swimmers, but I actually don’t care - my days of bar-gripping  embarrassment are now behind me, thanks to Joy.


It is really difficult as an adult to learn to swim.  You have to be able to connect to your instructor, otherwise it doesn't’t work and the individual will gain very little from the experience.  Joy made it feel so easy.   I will definitely recommend her to any adult I encounter who wishes to learn to swim in a relaxed, professional environment.  I am sure that you are already aware of what a gem you have but it has to be said - Joy is an asset to your organisation and an absolute joy (pardon the pun!) to work with - you are lucky to have her.


If you or the proprietor would like to discuss any aspect of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,


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