What level am I?

Not sure what level you are? Have a look at our ready reckoner for some advice to assist you in which course for learning to swim may be best for you..


Our Money Back Guarantee

On our 5 Day One-to-One Course we guarantee to teach you to swim or your money back!

Welcome to our school!

A very warm welcome to Miracles Swim School - the space with a friendly face where our passion is teaching people just like you to swim!

We are THE Swimming People and have been doing this for over 20 years and we are very very good at it!

Take a browse through our website where you will find all the information you need when choosing a place to learn to swim.

Please feel free to call us if there is an area we haven't covered or to speak to one of our instructors who are always happy to oblige.


Everything you need to know

Ready to get started learning to swim? Get ready for sudden changes, enjoy the pleasure of water and the joy of mastering the skill. Everything you need for booking here..

Swim lessons for adults and children

We cater for largely adult swimming lessons but we also have a smaller swim school for children.

Adult swimming lessons are mainly on a course / residential basis and childrens on a weekly basis over a course.

Warm water, small classes, happy lessons!

We provide very warm water (88°F, 31°C) with complete privacy (there are no spectators). A swimming pool ideally suited in shape and size to learning to swim with a relaxed atmosphere conducive to the learn to swim process. All personal tuition with fully qualified and caring swimming instructors.




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Swimming is a skill for life!

You are never too old to learn to swim and it's never too late or indeed too early to learn. You are not alone - over a third of adults in UK caanot swim!

Yet it is one of the most important skills you can attain at any age.

Whether you are a parent with children or perhaps you just want to join in the fun with children or grandchildren, the ability to swim is lifesaving and something EVERYONE should have in their skill set.

It doesn't need us to tell you the difference to your life swimming can make....

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Our services and extras

We provide a complete service for your package tailored made to your requirements.

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Local Area

Miracles is located within Alverstoke, a beautiful conservation area alongside Stokes Bay right on the South Coast. We are situated next to Portsmouth....

Miracles Spa

Miracles Swim School is situated within Miracles Spa located within a beautiful converted Church. You can use the facilities during your course (women only) and add to your learning experience, relaxing after all your hard work.

Miracles Gym

Within Miracles Spa we have our gym facilities (women only). You can use the facilities as part of your swim school package or why not use our spa?